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RumXP: "Bahama Bob" Leonard

Key West Bartender and Rum Ambassador "Bahama Bob" Leonard dispenses rum cocktails, flights of rum and sage advice to rum enthusiasts at one of the best little rum bars in the world. The Rum Bar at the Speakeasy Inn at 1117 Duval Street in Key West is on the short list of must-visit venues for rum adventurers.

Follow Bob's adventures in cane spirits on his RumStyles blog and his facebook page, where he doles out daily updates on his discoveries, his travels, his new cocktails, his spirited friends and all the elements that make his rum lifestyle so alluring.

A long time traveler of the Caribbean, Mexico and the United States, in a previous life Bob was a NASCAR Racing chassis and suspension engineer. He still consults and dabbles in the fast lane.

Bob grew up in The San Francisco Bay during the 50's through the 80's before moving to the Charlotte area of North Carolina. In 2005 he and his wife Marta moved to Key West where they are currently living the good life on their boat.

Says Judge Bob Leonard of Key West's Rum Bar, Speakeasy Inn of the RumXP Blind Tasting Competition held annually at Miami Rum Renaissance Festival:

"I always enjoy the blind tasting, it is helpful to me in determining my real tastes as compared to my perceived ones. I am sometimes surprised by the reveal on rums that I felt were personal favorites that I find ranking lower than perceived or rums that I had only passing interest that I rank high. This is always an enlightening experience."

Key West, Florida USA

The Rum Bar at Speakeasy Inn
Bahama Bob's Rumstyles blog