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RumXP: Paul "Rum Daddy" Artrip

Paul Artrip of Spirited Adventures is a rumelier, rum judge, writer, collector, mixologist, and spirits marketing consultant. His personal collection of over 300 rums, rons, rhums, and cachacas attests to his passion for cane spirits.

Paul has served as a judge and seminar leader at numerous events in the USA and UK, and has written numerous columns for trade publications.

One of Paul’s current posts is rum/spirits marketing director with Spirited Adventures, with over a dozen rum and cane spirits clients. Paul enjoys sharing his enthusiasm through his rum and spirits website www.therumdaddy.com

Says Judge Paul Artrip of Key West of the RumXP Blind Tasting Competition held annually at Miami Rum Renaissance Festival:

"The Rum Daddy" is one of the original RumXP judges. "The attraction of the Rum Renaissance Festival to serious rum lovers is the depth of participating distilleries from around the world. Rum and cane spirits are pan-global; Miami is the perfect global American city to host this event."

Virginia Beach, Virginia

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