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RumXP: Pavol Kažimir (Pablo)

Pavol was born in Kosice, Slovakia, in 1985. He studied economics in Bratislava and after the MBA I continued his studies in Germany.

He worked as a bartender during his studies. At first he found it exhausting, but gradually discovered that the bar was as complex and fascinating as the art of the kitchen.

Pavol was fortunate to meet great bartenders in Europe and the United States. With them he learned not only to recognize the qualities of the distillate and treat them with the respect they deserve when serving, but also lead him to acquire the culture of a connoisseur.

Pavol came to the world of rum and after traveling halfway around the world, where he ended up in the Dominican Republic . He continues to feed his passion for rum at rum fairs in Miami, Prague and Berlin.

Pavol is Currently the Brand Ambassador for Brugal Rums in the Dominican Republic.

Quote: "Best ideas come while sipping rum"

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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Brugal Rum Ambassador