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RumXP: Rene van Hoven

Spirits journalist Rene van Hoven started his Rum adventure in 1986 with the book Rum Yesterday and Today. Now (dozens of books and more than 300 bottles later) he still thinks Rum is the most underrated spirit in the world.

After his study F&B on the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam where he learned the technical aspects of Rum distillation, he worked on several levels in the drinks industry. Officially he is also a trained Chef, but that will remain a secret.

Since his first appearance as a judge on Barbados in 2000, he writes articles for several magazines and his website rumpages.com. The latest development in his career is the start of his own Rum import company called Rumpages.

Renee's book: Journey To Above The Clouds documents his study of Zacapa Rum and their facilities in Guatemala.


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