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RumXP: Javier Herrera

Javier is one of the leading rums experts of Spain. His Congresso de Ron and rum festival held in June in Madrid are the leading events of their type in Spain. Rum is his profession, his hobby and his passion.

Along with the rum festival and gathering of rum professionals, Javier conducts an esteemed blind tasting competition at his festival under the direction of Luis and Margaret Ayala.

Javier is a judge in numerous international competitions, including the Miami Rum Renaissance Festival. He is the founder of Rum International Club, a member of the Association of Sommeliers of Spain and contributor to Got Rum? magazine.

Javier is a lecturer specializing in market trends in the world of spirits and rum in particular. He works as a consultant for spirit brands regarding their introduction into European markets. He develops marketing plans, events, master classes and spirits campaigns.

Javier's family comes from southern Spain and the Canary Islands where sugar cane is abundant. He grew up in a family of wine experts.

He learned the art of the sommelier as he studied at the University of Madrid with a diploma in Hospitality Management. He also studied Imaging Science and Communications.

Madrid, Spain

Congresso Internacional de Ron
Rum Festival, Madrid
Rum International Club
Got Rum? magazine