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RumXP: Thanos Prunarus

Thanos Prunarus has been a bartender since 1999.

He is the owner and operator of Baba Au Rum bar, a leading rum and cocktail venue in Athens, Greece, awarded one of the World's 50 Best Bars in 2013 -- always at the top lists worldwide. Baba Au Rum bar is often awarded the Best Bar in Greece and Thanos is considered as a main influencer in his country.

Thanos Prunarus travels around the world to discover rum, visiting and participating in rum festivals the world over, including judging at the world final of the Havana Club Grand Prix in Cuba.

Thanos also organises the annual Athens Rum Festival and publishes an International Cocktail and Travel magazine.

Athens, Greece

Baba Au Rum
Athens Rum Festival


web: http://babaaurum.com/
email: info@babaaurum.com
blog: http://babaaurum.com/the-blog/