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RumXP: Leonardo Pinto

Leonardo Pinto has been a rum enthusiast since 1998.

As the host and creator of ShowRum Italy, one of the premier rum festivals in the world, Leonardo is the commusamte rum expert and promoter in Italy.

In 2004 he opened a blog named ISLA DE RUM, to spread the delightful culture of rum in Italy. (www.isladerum.com)

His Isla de Rum was transformed, slowly, in a real Rum Portal, with news, tastings schedules, rum shops and information about Rum.

The mission of Isla de Rum, in Leonardo's mind, is to spread the Caribbean Culture, to let the people know about rum, not only as a spirit, but as a lifestyle.

Today Leonardo Pinto, is still involved in this mission, through tastings, masters and conferences. He works as a consultant for brands that want to enter the italian market, for the independent bottler in choosing the right barrels to age or to bottle and for liquor stores, pubs and cocktail bars that want to enhance their rum selection and increase the quality of their presentation to customers.

He is also the italian representative for the Rum University.

His personal collection of fine rums is exceptional, and always growing.

Modena, Italy

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